3D Desktop. Scenario Exodo.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to view your desktop in 3 dimensions?

3D desktop environments are the future of desktop customization. These themes bring your desktop to life and make interaction with your computer more realistic. Gone are the days where you had settle for 2D graphics.

Scenario Exodo.

3D Desktop for Windows
3D Desktop in Windows Vista

As the designer of this theme would put it. ‘There is no better satisfaction to the human eye than a perspective image.’ Scenario Exodo derived from the Spanish Bible. Symbolizing ‘the move to a better future,’ had a great impact in the 3D interface world. It captured the eye of many Windows fans from Vista to Windows 7.

However, it was not made available for Windows 8 and 10. This was as a result of lack of a supporting platform for the newer versions of Microsoft Windows.

What set Exodo apart from other themes was its premium feel. The designer gave the user a touch of gold, a black polished shiny floor for where icons could spread out, and a curved customizable background where they could load their favorite screensavers.

What inspired such an amazing project?

D. Arnaez was inspired by his vision of the future. He saw a way he could change people’s life by making them look forward to switching on their computer each morning. His goal was to give computers users a 3D desktop interface that would kill the boredom of a standard interface.
Companies like Stardock provided D.Arnaez with the platform to act on his designs. In other words, if it were not for the efficient programs Stardock provides, and the expertise of D.Arnaez, these kinds of projects would not be possible.

Companies like Stardock provided D. Arnaez with the platform to act on his designs. In other words, if it were not for the efficient programs Stardock provides and the expertise of D.Arnaez to work with png-images in the placement of Desktop icons, these kinds of projects would not be possible.

Why was Scenario Exodo a Hit?

Scenario Exodo theme has over 2 million views on youtube to date. This is because each and every customer that gave the product a try had nothing but positive comments. Exodo had a way of making you look forward to switching on your pc every morning.

In addition to being a great hit on youtube. Exodo also inspired other 3D theme projects like Colossus, Corinthia, and Xion. It became such a big hit that a tech magazine company (based in Japan) approached D.Arnaez for exclusive designs to sell with their magazines.


Scenario Exodo has sold hundreds of thousands of copies every since its inception back in August 2010. Most importantly, it inspired D.Arneaz to tirelessly look for other platforms. This was to provide his fans with more 3D interfaces for their latest Windows versions.