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Custom icons for in OS X “El Capitan”
January 25, 2016
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My passion is to always think how that future will be and how I can collaborate to do it reach those futuristic ideas. In 2004 I saw how the advances in hardware technology was going fast. So it was inevitable thing that we would have big and bigger monitors, better and faster graphic cards. So bigger monitors require bigger screen resolutions.
Now lets talk about icons. As you know, every icon file include many images at different sizes. So When you set your folder to show “small, medium, large or extra large  icons” then Windows will show you 16×16, 32×32, 48×48, 128×128 or 256×256 pixels size.  At that times, Windows was using icons in a default size of 48×48.
So my question was… will we continue using 48×48 px icon in screens of 1024×768 as well as one that use 3840×2160 px? It doesn’t have any sense… right? So I realize that there was another size that icons have and I included in all icon theme series: 64×64 pixels. That is part of the origins of the name Cryo64.
Ok, so if you have an big monitor (bigger that 15 inches) or screen resolution 1440×900 px or bigger please do this change.

  1. Go to Control Panel iconsx64px01
  2. Personalization Icons size
  3. Advanced Appearance Settings… iconsx64px03
  4. In “Item” list roll down and select “icon” iconsx64px04
  5. Click “Apply” button. Then restart Windows and enjoy your icons.


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