(Scenarios) The clock don’t show the time.

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September 4, 2014
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October 25, 2014
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Most of objects included in Scenarios for DesktopX are composed by two objects overlaped. Sometimes (I don’t know why) DesktopX put a wrong position to one of them. So both are loaded on your desktop. But you only see one. To fix this problem first switch to DesktX Builder.

Desktopx clock

Now switch to DesktopX Builder. scclock01

Right click to see the “List Objects…”scclock02

Click on the object to see in the list the name. In this case the object are
Clock DOck(the base image) and Clock(the time)
Right click on Clock and choose Properties.
Now this is the clue. The numbers on Left and top should be small like this (depending you screen resolution can variate)
The other important is the must be child ob the base “Clock DOck.

The best you can do is press Align > Center to center the time into the base.

I hope this resolve the problem. If don’t may be you don’t have installed the font included in the folder “Clock”.



  1. Scott Barker says:

    Unfortunately I don’t seem to have the Clock object in my list. I have just the ClockDOck.

  2. Scott Barker says:

    Colossus 4G

  3. Dennis Matula says:

    I have the colossus3g and love it, but I cannot get the clock to tell time. what can I do? you have a good mind for design, thanks for your stuff. also when I buy your icons I just use iconpackager to load the separate icons and get the same effects like the other icons that came with the theme?